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Top 10 iPhone Tips and Tricks

From secret hacks to make your speakers louder, to learning how to turn the space bar into a trackpad, or finding a hidden search bar that solves calculations on track levels, there's much more to it than what you're about to explore, yet to explore. As an iPhone user, I am aware of some underrated features that are likely to remain unused. Navigating your phone is secondary to most of us, but here are 10 tricks to get the most out of your Apple device. [Sources: 3]

This only works on phones with iOS9 and higher, but it is important to note before you try it to make sure you perform an update first. This tip is especially useful if you use Internet apps such as Safari or Google Chrome. [Sources: 3, 7]

This clever tech tip was shared on Twitter by Marc, who explained that resetting your phone's RAM is the key to unlocking it with much faster performance. Mark's tweet was received by nearly 100 retweets and shared by websites around the world, helping countless people regain the speed they should have. This fast 10-second hack, which tries to make your iPhone run faster, has already taken the internet by storm. It's completely revolutionised the way I use my phone, "he said. [Sources: 7]

If you're struggling with storage, try following this Reddit user who bugs you by accusing you of a clever hack that allows you to get more GB without deleting anything from your phone. You may have deleted useless data from various apps while trying to download a movie, but you will magically get all your disk space back. From smart selfie to organizational tricks, here's the easiest way to hack your iPhone and change its best - experience. The organization won't believe you, and you probably need to delete all this useless data from all the different apps before you try to download the movie. [Sources: 7]

Repeat this process 4-5 times and before you know it, you have recovered 1%, almost 2 Gb. If you only receive annoying messages or messages that do not have enough space, try taking photos with your phone instead. [Sources: 4, 7]

If you like to document everything, iOS 11 has added a new live photo switching setting to the Photos app. This feature allows you to take a permissive live photo and the FaceTime call is automatically saved in your Photos app for future use. [Sources: 4]

Having the ability to share what appears on your phone's screen is really useful on many occasions. You don't need to download an app to do this, just hold down the Home and Power buttons to take a screenshot of Power and Volume. This button on iPhone X and iOS 11 even allows you to easily crop and share images. One of the easiest shortcuts you can find on the iPhone is how to search for anything there, whether by swiping from the top of your screen to open the search bar. [Sources: 0]

The bigger the screen of your iPhone, the harder it will be to reach for an icon in the far corner of your hand. IOS includes a feature called Accessibility that pulls the top icon down to make it easier to tap. IPhone Home button, gently click the Home button (whether you like it or not) and forget the iPhone screen until it is bigger. [Sources: 6]

Swipe down from the top of the screen to the left, right or right side of the iPhone screen and tap the icon in the back corner. [Sources: 6]

The quickest way to unlock your phone with Face ID is to wake up the screen, but this time you make the animation on the home screen. If you want to wake your iPhone up when it's flat on a table, just tap it first and swipe up quickly. [Sources: 5]

If you hold your phone too long, the phone crashes, which can severely damage the screen. [Sources: 5]

It's almost a guarantee, though, that there are some features you'll be completely unfamiliar with on your iPhone. There are literally dozens of hidden features that increase the functionality of your phone and make it easier to do a variety of simple things with it. In fact, some of these features can help you save your battery, take photos when your memory is full, or find the best Wi-Fi signal in your immediate vicinity. [Sources: 1]

By using these hacks, you can use your iPhone much more to get more value for your money. Take a look at these 15 amazing iPhone hacks and you'll soon be using your phone like a boss and behaving yourself. [Sources: 1, 8]

Want to know what your favorite Twitter user posts without opening an app and entering the name of that user's Twitter account? [Sources: 8]

After using an iPhone X for months, I have discovered if you make a mistake when typing, you can shake your iPhone in a different direction than with a normal iPhone. [Sources: 2, 8]











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